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It’s nice to sleep on the couch sometimes. Well, that would be true unless your wife told you to sleep there because she’s mad at you. But setting aside that possibility, couches are very comfortable to sit and lie down on. Sure, the average bed is the best when it comes to comfort, especially when you’re sleeping. But couches have that charm that beds don’t have at all. Maybe it’s because you feel much more secured and protected when you sleep on the couch, with all the corners you have covering you. And then there’s also the fact that couches are automatically placed in front of the television, meaning you can watch and relax at the same time. Couches are truly amazing, given that they’re mainly designed for people to sleep on, but are still great as an alternative to beds.

Couch Sex

You might have had great memories with your couch back when you were younger. Falling asleep on it as you watch your favorite cartoon. Or maybe even studying for a test that you have for school the next day. But now you’re an adult, there are other things that you now can do on the couch. And one of the most “adult” things you can do on the couch is to get it on with your partner. Having sex on the couch is pretty enjoyable. It breaks the monotony of always doing the deed in bed. You can use the armrests as pillows, or as handles to when you’re in the zone and thrusting as hard as you can. The backrest can help support your girl as you plow her pussy while you and her eyes are steadily focused on each other. You can even hang her upside-down and fuck her from behind the backrest to spice things up! There are lots of things you can do with couches during sex as opposed to doing it on a plain old bed.

Sure enough, you’re now thinking about ways and possibilities on how to fuck with your chick on the couch. You’ve most likely done it a few times already, and are just raring to get some more action on this particular piece of furniture. Don’t worry, because you’re not alone on that. There are lots of other people who enjoy getting nasty on their home couches as well. The incentives of having sex on the couch aren’t only limited to the possible sex positions due to its size and shape, but you can also catch up on the latest episode of your favorite TV show all while you’re thrusting on your partner. Well, that would be great if you can split your focus between the sex and the show. But hey, that is still a very welcome option, alright? Since you’re already knee-deep into enjoying couch sex, why don’t you gather some more ideas on how to really push the limits of this simple yet versatile piece of furniture? Just head on over to PORN.COM, as there are tons of couch porn videos available there. You will surely find tons of new ways to grind on your girl while you’re both on the sofa by watching all of those sleazy videos!

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