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They’re aspiring models and actresses. Whatever they wanted to do in life, it probably wasn’t this, but who can blame them from participating. Any exposure is better than nothing at all. So if you like amateurs and fresh-faced beauties getting their tastes of the adult film industry for their 15 minutes of fame, then this is the place to be. Check out our collection of some of the best casting porn on the internet! Maybe you’ll even discover your next fap goddess!

Casting Couch Porn

Imagine, a black leather couch in the middle of your screens. You don’t really need much explanation because you probably know where this is leading. That’s the casting couch, and what’s about to happen is some casting porn. The casting couch is probably one of the most recognizable adult film props since its debut. There was even a 1924 stag film that has the same name. Basically, it’s the couch that started it all.

But what makes casting porn so popular? What is its edge over other niches? Almost every casting porn film starts the same way. An interviewer, often male, sits behind the camera and a stunning young babe comes in hoping to land a job. He asks the standard questions like name, age, background history, etc. Then, things get dirtier. It may be unknown to her, but this isn’t your regular casting call, and she’s asked to demonstrate her skill in bed. She’s shy but agrees. Things escalate from simply masturbating to her on her knees giving out blowjobs, handjobs, and titjobs, or deepthroating the interviewer’s huge cock. Then, they fuck. It’s porn about porn. Although things may start out the same, the genre itself never gets boring because every girl that participates is different. That’s where its appeal really lies.

This freshness is definitely attributed to the babes that participate in casting porn. Hence, our roster of babes is as diverse as it can get. You get variety of ethnicities like black, white, Asian, and Latina. Body shapes and sizes differ too from slim and petite to voluptuous to BBW. Amateurs also come in all ages, so you’ll find barely legal teens trying to kick off their careers or MILFs and cougars trying to bring some spice to their sex lives. You get to discover someone new just like the interviewer. Even some of your favorite porn stars today out in the casting couch, and you might even find it in our collection. It’s really just up to you and your tastes.

Casting porn doesn’t always have to have the casting couch. As long as there is an interviewer, off screen, and interviewee, on screen, then it’s casting porn. It can happen in bedrooms, living rooms, and even offices. The best part is that a lot of this niche is shot in POV style! Thus, you get an even more immersive experience! You’ll see mouths sucking dicks and dicks penetrating pussies up close and personal. For videos that are not in POV style, you still get a pretty good deal because sometimes they don’t just have two people on screens – they get one more person. FFM and MMF threesomes occur too. Pussy and anal sex, double penetration, intense lesbian play, pussy eating, and scissoring are on the table. So if you like some dirty reality porn, don’t look anywhere else. PORN.COM will help you build your casting porn collection in no time!

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