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How does it feel to be able to blow all your load inside a hot chick’s vagina? It would certainly be one hell of a ride, alright! Imagine having every single drop of your man seed inside her, seeing her scream and squirm as you pull your throbbing cock out of her pussy. As you pull out, you see that her pussy is overflowing with sperm that it oozes out of her lady hole. If that hasn’t driven you crazy, then I don’t know what will!

Creamy Creampies

Just the fact that she agreed to let you ejaculate inside her is enough proof that she accepts you for who you are, and she doesn’t mind if she gets knocked up, as long as she gives you the sexual satisfaction that you deserve. The whole experience of having sex is enjoyable, but nothing beats a great climax, especially if you’re doing it raw and have decided not to pull out. Maybe it’s one of her safe days, or maybe she’s taking birth control pills, that’s why she let you cum inside her. But regardless of the situation, the only thing that matters to you is that you were able to release all of the sperm inside your balls, into her womanhood, as if you both were planning to have a baby. Let’s admit it, when you’re in the zone, it’s too much of a task to pull out, as you are already taken over by your instincts. Those same instincts have helped in ramping up mankind’s population across the globe. But this time, you’d actually prefer not to have your girl pregnant. But you just can’t help it. And neither can she. There’s even a big chance that she wrapped her legs around you before you cum, just to make sure that you shoot all your man juice in her pussy. It’s the same situation for her, as she can’t control herself, thinking that whatever might happen after you both climax is something that future you and her would handle instead. This is the moment, and there’s no stopping you both from reaching orgasm, even though you don’t have rubber on your dick.

Now, we’re sure that unless you’re really gunning to put a baby in her belly, the consequences would actually be devastating, not unless she really did pop some pills beforehand. But you don’t care anymore, so you just proceed in making it into a nice, warm, sticky creampie. After all, you both agreed to do it, so you’re just making sure that everything is worth it before you both clean yourselves up. That last thought might be more horrific than you think, but remove the possibility of knocking her up, and you got yourselves the best way to finish up the whole thing! Creampies are not just satisfying to the touch, you’d also get a nice view of her pussy as drops of cum slowly trickle down from her vagina. She might not be able to see it as it happens, but sure enough, she’ll feel as high as you are just because of what’s happening down there.

If you’re still too scared to try giving her a creampie, then your next best bet is to check out PORN.COM! You’d be swimming in hours of content of men giving their gorgeous sexual partners this famous pie. Related categories include anal creampie, pregnant sex and more. We all know that it’s not the usual pie that gets baked and eaten for dessert, but if you’re already legal and your partner has already taken the necessary steps to prevent her from getting knocked up, you’d actually prefer having creampie instead! Get a hearty slice of that creampie goodness, only on PORN.COM!

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