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Cumming is the main purpose of sex and porn. We all want to feel that quick and blissful moment in our life—the orgasm, the climax of it all. It is what keeps sex aflame, the ending scene that makes you feel at your pleasured best! But some people still feel the need to do something after cumming—and it is drinking the cum of your sex partner. It sounds weird and batshit crazy at first but this is actually even practiced in real life! In men’s perspective it is practically called ‘swallowing’ wherein you let the woman swallow all your semen after sex and a lot of men are actually into that. Because it feels authoritative and territorial—as if you own the woman and she is yours always. Swallowing cum or drinking cum is a popular and vastly consumed porn that you will not run out of content ever! These sluts drink the cum of their male partners like water, swallowing as if it were not bitter or sour and taking it all in like a juice. Men enjoy this feeling of dominance and so they quite like the idea of cumming on someone’s face or tits or tongue—in this case, cum drinking porn will provide you all the content you need to satisfy your sexual desire.

Cum Fetish

Cum drinking may sound gross for some but you will be shocked at the amount of views this kind of video gets. It has a lot of cult-fans for despite the image of cum drinking being disgusting and dirty, a lot of couples practice the same in real life. In porn of course it is a tad bit graphic so you can expect too much cum on a woman’s mouth, spilling off his lips like a creamy pasta. She is going to swallow every little globule of cum on her lips just to make sure she misses nothing. For men, they allow the woman to squirt if she can or penetrate her sweet tight pussy and eat it like cake. Lots of men do not prefer eating the pussy in real life but in porn you will find a bunch of men hungry and craving for these fat pussies and their white discharge. They sip on it like juice—just like the precum on a man’s penis. If you are a person who likes a lot of cum in their porn, then this is definitely for you! You are assured to witness a heavy rainfall of cum in these types of videos—the cum will keep flowing like the rive flows, exaggerated on the part of porn but who really cares when you are already horny as hell? Cum drinking porn is best for when you are feeling dry lately.

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