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Whether they’re here to start their career in the porn industry or to just try out, it doesn’t really matter because this interview is the beginning of their journey, and you know what they say about journeys, they aren’t easy especially for our babes. Sure, their pussies get wrecked by directors and interviewers, but their cunts aren’t the only things getting stuffed. So are their assholes! Thus, if you like fresh faces getting an anal casting couch experience, then there isn’t a better place than our channel!

Anal Auditions 

Usually, when babes experience casting couch interviews, they get the same pussy penetration treatment, but in order to really test out their moxie and provide you with the best babes around, we’re also pushing them to their limits by trying out their anal prowess. You heard that right. We aren’t just about pussies but assholes too. We literally screw their asses over. Now, our videos start out like your ol’ regular casting couch scene. A gorgeous amateur enters the room and sits in front of that iconic black leather seat. She answers the usual questions, what’s her name, how old is she, where is she from, what is she doing here, etc. It’s all pretty basic stuff that allows you to know more about her. Then, the real fun starts when she begins taking off her clothes. She might’ve started all shy, but now, she’s letting her true sexy self come out. If she’s confident enough, she might even give you a little striptease and lap dance action. She then proceeds to get down on her knees and shows off blowjob, deepthroat, and handjob skills, trying to impress you. Of course, these scenes are usually in POV style, so you get the best seat in the house. You get a clear view of each and every cock sucking fun. You get an up-close and personal view of her pussy or asshole when you give her some cunnilingus, rimming, and anilingus love. She’ll even spread her ass to give you a nice view before you proceed to fuck her brains out. However, what makes our content special is that the action happens from behind. We fuck assholes, not pussies. Watch as your hard member goes in and out of her puckered ass doggy style. You might even put in a spanking or two because her big ass is just in front of you. We won’t blame you because we wouldn’t be able to hold back either.

That’s just our main niche. Our channel also includes other categories to make your experience extra special. We also have anal masturbation wherein our babes will use a variety of sex toys to pleasure her back hole. Watch her stuff it with dildos and vibrators. Additionally, we have other intense niches like BDSM, leash, gagging, blindfolds, handcuffs, dom and sub play, double penetration, FFM and MMF threesomes, double blowjobs, anal fisting, anal creampie, and more. Because our babes are just starting out, they’re ready to do anything and everything to impress us. She won’t hesitate to do whatever it is you ask.

Speaking of babes, don’t expect veterans to show up on our list. Its fresh pussies each and every time. They’re also diverse ranging from white to Asian, blonde to black hair, teen to MILF, shaved pussy to hairy pussy, small tits to big tits. It really is up to your tastes! So if you want an ass-tastic time, then let PORN.COM’s anal casting couch be your guide!

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