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Come on guys it is now the modern age! No more to kink-shaming! There is no room for shame and embarrassment especially on PORN.COM, where you are served only the hottest and latest sex videos on your favorite fetish. Sometimes it may be an act you fetishize, or a place to have sex, or a costume? Some people fetishize a certain non-sexual part of the body like the ears or feet and it is absolutely normal and sexy! Feet porn or podophilia is, contrary to the popular sentiment or the prejudice against feet fetish, is a major turn on for a lot of people. On the internet alone you can see a lot of older men paying girls to send them their feet pics—yes that is right! Just feet, no tits or pussy. Feet pic is the new nude in this generation. This is a pretty common and mainstream sexual, kink.

Asian Foot Festish

According to Sigmund Freud. one reason why certain people are into feet is because it is shaped like a penis—which is obviously a sexual part. Moreover, feet have a lot of nerve endings—which means it is way more sensitive to tickles, touch, and temperature compared to other parts of the body. It is easy and arousing to tickle someone or lick someone’s feet, because it will send chills down one’s spine. Another is the humiliation aspect: feet are used for walking and for some psychological reasons, it is embarrassing to look straightly and specifically at someone’s feet because it is often dirty. Like your private parts, feet are not really up for public’s eyes. And as we all know, embarrassment is one of what people get heated in their groins. Along with the bare feet, people with podophilia also like socks and shoes and toe heels. Basically anything that can be on the feet, or any footwear. While some people like licking and doing some tongue actions over it—other ones just really like looking at it to jerk off. So some of these sex videos involving feet fetish are actually just about girls playing and moving their feet!

Asian girls who have the whitest skin ever and probably the softest have the best feet porn out there! Asian feet porn are all about hot, clothed girls or maybe in their lingerie who are touching their feet and their heels. Asian feet are often small and dainty, making them look so cute and fragile and petite. And knowing Asians, they would probably want to do some sexual stuff using their feet; like jacking their man off using the heels of their feet or feeling you up with their toe nails. Sometimes they would let you eat and lick every part of it too. Nothing is impossible with Asians and given their sex drive, they would find any part of their body to be sexual. Asian feet sex videos are more common than you think, in the website mentioned above you will find tons of these sex videos! Asian feet porn and other foot adornments are a real thing you should be celebrating!

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