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You don’t have to bend over backwards to get what you want. Instead, our babes are happy to do it for you. They have no qualms of taking it from the behind because they enjoy a little rough lovin’. So if you like women that do everything they can to put a smile on your face, then take a look at our bend over porn collection today! Let us do all the hard work while you enjoy every single second!

Doggy Style Sex

When you think about bending over, there are a few images that come to mind. You do it when you drop something and want to pick it up, but in the world of sexual innuendos, bending over means to bend the upper body forward while someone fucks you from the behind. This is basically the doggy style position. You’ll find that in our collection, we perfectly fit the second meaning. Our videos include hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous girls getting their pussies and assholes stuffed full by dicks from behind while hips thrust back and forth in varying intensity and speed. This joyride isn’t for the faint of heart but for those ready to take a challenge! Of course, with bending over, it’s a given that there’ll be pussy penetration or anal sex; however, there is also foreplay involved. Just imagine, her huge ass grinding on his hard-on beneath his jeans. This entices him and drives him crazy as the friction between these materials creates pleasure for both parties. The stud, not being able to hold back anymore, removes her panties and starts fingering and eating her pussy like there’s no tomorrow. She returns the favor by giving him a handjob that makes his dick even harder and then gives him a blowjob while playing with his balls. She even lets him get a taste of deepthroat fucking. Viola! He’s ready for the actual pussy pounding action, so he turns and bends her over.

Bending over isn’t always a mutual sexual act. In fact, it’s often considered a humiliating position. This is because the communication between parties is pretty much non-existent. Unlike missionary or even cowgirl positions, when a girl is bent over, the two can’t make eye-to-eye contact. They can’t talk, and they basically can’t even read each other’s expression. It makes the act less personal, bringing them to their most basic instinct. Although this is seen by some as a reason for disliking the position, others see it as a plus. It makes the pussy pounding and dick squeezing experience more raw. There’s no need to be embarrass because you can’t see each other’s faces. Hence, you base each movement on the sensations you feel throughout. In addition, there is a power play involved. The one bending is the submissive person, and the one behind is the more dominant one. The latter gets to be in control while the former has to go with the flow. So if you like having this sort of effect or power over your partner, then maybe bending down is the best position for you. Try it out and see for yourself the impact of doing it from behind. If you like, you can even include a little spanking to your repertoire. Her ass is already in front of you, so it’ll be a waste if you do nothing. Thus, if you want some more excitement to your sex lives, then PORN.COM’s bend over porn may just be the thing you need!

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