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Don’t get offended if men stare more at your boobs than at your face when talking to you. It’s just that men are hardwired to use boobs as their basis to find their mate. This has been the case since ancient times, where people haven’t really evolved yet and just rely on instincts to survive. Think of it as a compliment, as men usually only stare when they see boobs that are big enough for them to consider as worthy enough to look at. Men love feeling up a busty woman’s chest, and they won’t think twice if they really find those boobs likable.

Big Perky Tits

Big and perky, just as how men describe it. You just can’t stop a man from appreciating a nice set of titties. Women do it too, all of the time. So why can’t men appreciate the beauty that is a pair of busty, perky breasts? There are those who hate the attention, even if they don’t really have that big of a pair, to begin with. But there are also those who crave attention, taking pictures of their breasts, covered by a blouse with a plunging neckline, posting them online to gain tons of likes and comments. Even if they love showing off their big perky boobs on the internet, they still have high standards on who has access to touch their mashable, suckable tits.

With boobs that are bigger than a person can grasp, it’s easy to boob fuck women who have them. Imagine, a raging dick, thumping and throbbing, ready to explode. That same dick is then put in between a well-endowed woman’s breasts, tucked in to resemble the cave that is her pussy. It would surely take only a few thrusts before he finally cums, releasing all those manly juices on her face. It’s a win-win situation for both of them as they would both get exactly what they want. The man wants to feel her tits using his dick, and the woman wants a glass-full of sperm on her face. It’s a match made in heaven!

Even if people focus on personality more than looks, that won’t take away the fact that men would still want to experience getting it on with a woman who has a nice rack. They’d be lucky if they do get together with a woman like that, but having a one night stand with such a girl will suffice. Men love seeing boobs bounce up and down as he goes in and out of her as hard as he can. Whatever position he’s in, the fact that he could feel up her boobs anytime he wants is already a big win. If for some reason, a man is just too unlucky to bag a chick with a big pair on their front all his life, there’s no need to sulk over it. Even if he can’t feel big boobs in person, he can instead watch all the big perky boobs porn videos that he wants on the internet. Just get on that computer and visit PORN.COM, and all his fantasies about how it would be with a busty gal in bed will come true in no time.

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