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One room, one girl, six guys. With just a few words, you already know that something is about to go down real hard. It’s a gangbang, alright, but it’s something far worse than that. If you have ever heard of the term “bukkake”, then you’ll immediately know what is about to happen. But for those of you who don’t, imagine playing a game of soggy biscuit with the guys, but instead of a biscuit, you all ejaculate on the face and mouth of one girl. What sets bukkake apart from playing soggy biscuit is that the guys don’t need to worry about eating a biscuit filled with man juice. Instead, the poor girl who gets ejaculated on will just have to bear with the amount of sperm on her face and mouth. She has the option to open her mouth as those guys ejaculate on her, but regardless of that, she’ll definitely get some in her mouth, ears, and nose, knowing that most guys aren’t really good in targeting where the liquid that comes out of their penises lands on, may it be urine or sperm.

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Most people will think that bukkake is just as nasty as playing soggy biscuit, if not nastier. You can’t blame them, since bukkake has been virtually unheard of in the West until Japanese porn became popular. Who would think that one single woman would be willing to take on not just one, but at least three guys masturbating in her face and then finally blowing all their load on her regardless if her mouth is open or not? Well, apparently Japanese women enjoy it so much. After all, you won’t see them volunteering to do it in front of the camera if they weren’t up for it, right? Bukkake is just one of the weird things that the Japanese people enjoy. And when it became popular all over the world because of how outrageous it is, people from different countries have also tried doing it. Today, bukkake is not only enjoyed in Japan, but in other countries as well. It’s a nice addition to any sex party, and the demand for bukkake in porn just keeps on rising. Be part of the fun and watch jizz-soaked sub girls take it all on the chin!

It doesn’t matter if you prefer vanilla bukkake made by Japanese pornstars, or if you want to see Caucasians, Blacks, and Latinas try it out, PORN.COM is definitely the place to be to find videos like these. In Japanese Adult Videos, or JAV for short, bukkake videos are mostly shot exclusively, as it doesn’t show any other sex act before of after the girl gets sprayed on her face by multiple different men. Caucasians and Blacks enjoy it as a part of a whole sex party, and the woman who receives all that cum is even willing to swallow every single drop that gets on her face. Don’t waste a single drop of sperm, after all. Bukkake is actually very enjoyable, especially for women who can’t be satisfied by just one dick. Why have one when you can get three or more in one sitting, right? No matter what your opinion on bukkake is, this particular sex act is here to stay. Men will still enjoy the sight of seeing one woman bathing in the sperm of multiple guys, and there will always be women who are more than willing to receive bucket loads of cum on her face.

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