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It’s really no surprise that people have weird sexual fetishes that they prefer to be kept in the dark. After all, it’s only logical for a person to maintain a normal, positive image in public. It’s actually very troublesome to be judged by others because of your fantasies, so keeping it to yourself would be the best route to take. Now, even if there are fetishes that are relatively common to people, it’s still not something that you would openly talk about outside. That would definitely put you in an awkward situation if let’s say your boss walks in and overhears you talking about your deepest, darkest desires. That’s why a lot of people tend to turn to porn just to satisfy their sexual needs. Even with all the potential candidates out there, it’s a challenge to find someone else who has the same weird fetishes as yours. Well, that might not be the case with foot fetish, as a lot of people have this in the first place. You’ll find the internet swarming with videos of people doing all sorts of things with their feet. Some are downright weird, as they use their feet to stimulate their partner’s genitals. Others are pretty normal, in this particular fetish’s case, like sucking and licking someone’s toes. But there are also people who don’t need that much stimulation in order for them to have an orgasm, like those who just need to see pictures of feet, nothing out of the ordinary, but enough for them to jack off to it. Admit it, having a thing for feet is weird, but at the same time, it’s the most acceptable kind of weird kink a person could have.

Fun with Footplay

No matter what shape your feet are, you’re bound to have someone ogle over them. Even if there are people who find feet disgusting, they don’t matter because it’s your opinion that counts. Big feet, small feet, arched, straight, or slanted, all feet are beautiful. And you’d be surprised at how feet can also be used to jerk off a man’s penis. It seems like an impossible feat to do so, as your toes aren’t as easily controllable and flexible as your fingers, but with the help of lube or lotion, it can actually give men who have foot fetish one of the best orgasms in their lives. As for women who adore feet, they can basically just open their legs far and wide and let their partner penetrate their pussies with their feet. Just make sure to have your toes clipped before doing this to avoid hurting your foot-crazy chick. And yes, sucking and licking feet are definitely on the table. It’s just as good as sucking on your partner’s fingers, if not better. The sensation that you get when you put that foot in your mouth, all those curves and arches are just too alluring for you to stop nibbling on your partner’s sexy feet.

Now, if you’re just too unlucky and you’re unable to find a girl with feet that would make your dick stiffen up like a rock, your next best bet is to watch foot fetish videos online. Not to brag or anything, but PORN.COM has tons of footjob videos, it would take you more than a few lifetimes just to go through all of them! So don’t be shy, no one will judge you if they have no clue of your love for feet.

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