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Every guy has their own definition of the word “sexy”. Some consider sexy as a woman who has a slim and slender body. Others say that it’s sexier for a girl to have extra meat on places where it matters, their thighs, their chest, and their sides. And although it’s uncommon, there are guys who find fat girls the sexiest in their book. Back then, the media started the perception that you should be thin just to be considered as someone sexy and attractive. You’ll see celebrities, models, and other public figures shed some pounds just so that they could keep that slender figure. But the masses think otherwise, as those who have more curves on their bodies are still being picked over those who are half their size. But what about those who think that women should be big and chubby to be attractive?

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It’s definitely unhealthy to be overweight, no matter what your age and gender is. But for some reason, there are still men who think that being overweight is what makes women more sought after. Well, it does make sense if you think about it. It’s always nice to see women shake their breasts and butts, and the jigglier it is, then the better. Men who view fat women as beautiful focus only on those things, as they won’t see slimmer women have those ripples across their lady parts while moving to the rhythm. Fat is the new sexy, as more and more men think that they are the ones who are truly sexually attractive.

Imagine banging a chubby chick who has lots of extra meat on their hips, their thighs, their ass, and most certainly their breasts. Anywhere you look, you’ll see every part of her jiggle with every thrust you make. Even a light slap would make her ass vibrate! That isn’t possible when you slap a thin girl’s ass at all. If you’re a guy who loves seeing that, then having sex with fat girls is definitely the way to go. You’ll feel her warmth no matter where you touch her. And hugs would truly be enjoyable, as you’ll feel like you’re hugging a big-ass pillow that moves and breathes. You won’t feel that way at all when you hug a girl who keeps on watching her weight.

It may seem that men who love fat girls are perverts. But that’s just the way things are. In general, men love seeing women who have big boobs and asses. And that’s because men are programmed to consider women who have big mammaries and big behinds as high-quality partners, which is why the human race was able to survive all these years. So if you’re a man, don’t suppress your primal instincts. In fact, you should accept, and even fully embrace that men all over the world are bound to love jiggly boobs and butts. So don’t be shy, get on your computer right now and head on over to PORN.COM, where you’ll find tons (pun intended) of fat porn videos that could satisfy your sexual appetite.

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