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Nothing can be as hot as a woman taking over a sexual interaction with her partner! What used to be the dominion of men is now being shared by both sexes, and the world is all the better for it! Femdom videos are getting very popular nowadays. As women start to lose all of their inhibitions, men are found with mouths agape. There is always a kind of sexiness when women dominate, be it at work or in the bedroom. Need we say more about stiletto fetish?

Femdom Sex

Women have really come a long way. Female supremacy over men is something new. Thus any videos that show a female doing whatever she pleases to a man’s penis or asshole is still fresh and exciting. In the bedroom, or wherever they wish to have sex, women get a different kind of rush being the one in control, “punishing” their partners for their naughtiness as opposed to the intimate sex that is really very boring. You might ask why men are willing partners to this humiliating process, and all you have to understand is that femdom is still SEX, and sex is still what every man wants. Want to score? Then be ready to get tied up to a bed frame, gentleman.

People associate femdom with sadism. In some cases it is true, but sometimes it is not. The book entitled “50 Shades of Grey”, which eventually became a movie, put femdom in the spotlight, but let me tell you that what you saw in the movie is a sanitized version of what femdom is all about. The movie’s sex scenes, to say the least, are boring. Child’s play, if you will. But come to think of it, it does not matter is what you do is sanitized or not, as long as the dominatrix, and the sub are both having fun. Here, imagination is the only limit.

Penetration is also involved in femdom, and the woman does the penetrating. Here, she uses devices and wears it. This device is called a strap on, which is just a dildo with a harness. Men either lay missionary style as he is penetrated in the anus, or does a doggy style position as he gets humped from behind. Well, these are just the most common ones, but there are a myriad of other positions that a couple can try.

Femdom is not confined to a man-woman relationship. Femdom videos also involve lesbian encounters, which a lot of people find way hotter than a heterosexual sex video. A female dominating another female as she penetrates her partner with a strap on in all her holes is every man’s dream come true. Female domination can never be more timely as it is right now. Feminist movements are at an all time high. Oops, sorry about becoming too political but it is what it is. But no matter, if you visit PORN.COM, you would only witness pure, unadulterated femdom fun. Enjoy their biggest collection of adult porn videos, femdom videos in particular. So what are you waiting for? Go and visit PORN.COM now!

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