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If you are perhaps tired of watching dicks penetrate the pussies of women, do not worry! You are still left with other equally hot and arousing options. Aside from dildos and vibrators and cucumbers—you may also opt to watch fingering porn. The thing about this fingering fetish is that everyone has fingers. Anyone can basically literally pleasure these hot ladies with using your hand—that is right! It is a highly consumed and vastly popular porn fetish for the reason that there is a better view of the penetration of the pussy. You will be able to see the wetness and pre-cum forming in the pussy easier than when it is being rammed by a cock. If you want to see a lady finger herself then the contents are endless, there are hundreds of masturbating women using their fingers out there. In real life this is the common scenario because not every lady owns or likes dildos or vibrators. With fingers, they can also control the phase and the rhythm more. They are also able to use more than one finger and create a sensation insider their pussy that cannot be done using a dildo or a vibrator. Moving their fingers inside and exploring their own pussy sends a different kind of pleasure hence a lot of women like being fingered of fingering themselves. However, if you want to see a man finger a man, worry not! A lot of similar contents are also available. Sure, it may feel nice for a woman to finger herself but it is a whole different world when a man fingers them. Fingers are relatively thiner and tinier than a cock but they can be more playful.

Finger Fuck

Some men like inserting up to four fingers which can drive a lady porn star crazy—while being fingered with four fingers, he may also opt to rub his pussy with another hand which further fuels the stimulation! These kinds of contents are not uncommon and very easy to access or fine. In fact, if you visit PORN.COM, you will be shocked at how many thousands of views these fingering porn has. It is a popular fetish because this time it focuses on pleasuring the women—their precum will drip down their own or the male porn star’s fingers. Sometimes they allow these women to taste their own cum but licking their fingers—this is extremely erotic and hot and one of the reasons why people love fingering porn. A woman may cum by fingering, it is the same as a man jerking himself off. Except with fingering, you insert them inside the woman’s body. Some women prefer being fingered over being fucked by a huge dick, and the reason why is because the man will be able to focus on making her cum and pleasuring her rather than just selfishly working on his own orgasm. Fingering is woman-based that is often usually done by men who are also generous. Some men find fingering a hot naked lady as pleasurable as fucking. Seeing the woman feel good and aroused is just as arousing as penetrating her through a huge cock. Fingering can easily be done too under the skirt or shorts or even pants, one does not have to be naked to be fingered. Hence this is rather convenient way of sex.

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