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To shave or not to shave. That is one topic that is up for debate. No, it is not about a man’s beard, though that one is also up for conversation among the ladies out there. Porn fans do not care about that though, because it does not add to their happiness. What they want to talk about is the pubes. It is not really clear if porn fans care whether a male porn star is shaved or not, but they do care whether a woman has hair down there or none. In terms of following, there is a large number of fans who love hairy, mature porn stars and would turn super horny with the sight of women with pubic hair.

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The earliest porn fans like their stars hairy, as evidenced by the porn movies that were produced in the early 1900’s. In what is now called vintage porn, the ladies have no qualms in showing their nice, hairy pussies. Since these films were shot in black and white, no one knows for sure if their pussies were pinkish or what. But clearly, they have hair and have not thought about trimming them at all, much more shaving them. People then seem to be more aroused when they see pubic hair, and probably that was how it was all throughout history. If you want to look even farther, people from the ancient world do not shave. Check out their sculptures and paintings, where the subjects were mature, hairy men and women.

There are many theories as to why humans have hair on their pubic area as well as in their armpits. Of course, men have more of them, but females have them to, to a lesser extent. For women, it is said that the main purpose of pubic hair is to cover the pussy from harmful bacteria. Another theory is that pubic hair is full of pheromones that attract the opposite sex. It is quite believable if you think about it, because seeing a woman’s pubic hair certainly makes a man very horny. It was also said that a common practice for the British women in the 19th century was to cut their pubic hair to give as a gift to their male lovers. Come to think of it, it was indeed a very nice trophy if you were the male lover and is a practice that most men would love to revive right now.

These all underscores the fact that having pubic hair is an integral part of being a sex object, something that is desirable for men. Men like their women sexually mature, and women who have shaved hair look like babies to them. Hair has always enhanced physical attractiveness, and being without it feels like there is a huge part that is lacking in terms of sexuality.

Preference for hairy porn stars is a clear indication that a lot of porn fans like mature women. Shaved pussies to them are child-like and thus not very sexually attractive. If you are like one of the many male fans who love hairy mature porn stars, then come on over to PORN.COM. They have hundreds of videos featuring your favorite hairy, mature women porn stars in all their naked glory.

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