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You know what? If it weren’t for women, humanity wouldn’t have been able to survive until today. It is because they could conceive children that we have been able to reproduce and spread out as we are right now. But have you ever wondered how our early ancestors were able to figure out all of these things, from having sex until the miracle of birth? Easy! Our instincts dictated us to copulate so that we could have children, who will then do the same, which in turn would exponentially increase our population as a whole. And the first thing that men’s instincts have pushed them to do is to look for potential mates from the opposite sex who have big breasts. Having huge tits meant that a woman is a perfect candidate for mating. The same goes with men and their penises, since women consider men who have longer dicks as more than able to protect them and to provide for them. This habit of using the size of a woman’s boobs to determine if they’re perfect as a partner can still be seen in modern men. They just can’t stop looking at boobs, and for a good reason at that.

Big Bouncy Tits

When men stare at women’s breasts, it actually makes them more relaxed. A recent scientific study has even shown that men who ogle at women’s boobies are more likely to live longer than those who are not fortunate enough to be able to do that. Sure, it’s also nice to see a tight pussy or a meaty ass, but those options can never beat staring at boobs as it is already hardwired into the minds of men to be lured to looking at her mammaries first. It actually makes sense, because the first thing that you see when you look at a woman would be her breasts, as it is conveniently located just below her face. There are even some instances where men would rather go with an average-looking woman who has gigantic tits than a beautiful woman with a flat bosom. Not that we’re hating on flat-chested women, but big boobs are just more enjoyable to look at, right? You would prefer looking at mountains rather than plains, so the same goes for boobs, at the very least.

Since boobs are the first thing that men see in women, it’s safe to say that those jugs are also responsible on how much a man’s sex drive would be once they see those puppies. The bigger the boobs, the higher his sex drive. Huge tits are also very popular in porn, so you can’t really deny the fact that size does matter when it comes to a woman’s chest size. The good thing is that you’ll find a sea of huge tits on Porn.Com. There are literally countless big-tittied women going topless and hoping to make you cream your pants prematurely just because of how seductive their breasts are. Go nuts as you’ll find big-breasted pornstars on Porn.Com including Angela White, Shae Summers, and Katerina Hartlova, all bearing their insanely huge tits on camera just to satisfy your carnal desires. Their breasts are big and all natural, so that means you won’t be worrying if they have implants. If you’re a man of culture and you’d like to add more years to your life, go ahead and stare at huge tits all you want on Porn.Com!

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