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Pump your fist and get ready to fuck tight pussies! No, we aren’t talking about fucking pussies with dicks but with literal fists. Fisting all the way. Aside from this intense niche, we are also focused on a specific race doing all the action. That’s right! In this channel, we give you Japanese fisting like you’ve never seen before. So check out what we have to offer today! Japanese babes, they’re considered slim and petite, so you must be curious how whole fists fit into tiny pussies. Don’t worry. If you ever wondered about it before, let us give you a tour of the amazing adaptability of the human body. Watch their small cunts accommodate and stretch out big objects that invade their holes! This is an experience you don’t want to miss! Fisting is considered as one of the most difficult sexual acts out there. Pussies are meant for dicks, not hands that are usually bigger and wider than the average cock. Thus, it takes real talent and skill to be able to do so. They need to train their small bodies in order to fit something that big inside of them. So get ready to be amazed with our collection!

Asian Fisting

Usually, scenes start out with smaller objects inserted into pussies or assholes. Yes, we have both pussy fisting and anal fisting, so you can take your pick which hole you prefer. Just imagine them starting out with fingering, then moving on to different sized sex toys. They sometimes even opt out of the toy and just go ahead with real dicks, so you’ll also see some pussy penetration and anal sex. After intense thrusting and plenty of lube, because you need all the lubrication you can get, her pussy is loosened enough to take a real fist. Their partners place their fingers and hand into the appropriate position and slowly start to penetrate her hole. Of course, a signature aspect of Japanese porn is the pleasurable cries our babes make. You’ll definitely hear those adorable moans, groans, and reactions along with their sweet voices. Now, the great thing about our collection is that we have heaps of POV style videos, so the action will be right on your screens! It’ll feel like it’s your hand that’s going in and out of her stretched out hole. Speaking of stretched out, you can also expect a lot of pussy spreading or ass spreading and gaping scenes from our directory.

Although our channel is all about hands penetrating pussies and assholes, that’s not the only thing we have to offer. We also have plenty of other niches like blowjobs, handjobs, nipple play, tit sucking, making out, pussy eating, rimming, and more that go great with our main fetish. You can think of it as mini surprises that go along with your big fat present. Moving on to our babes, since we are limited to a specific ethnicity, they all look somewhat similar. They usually fit the image of an Asian goddess to a tee. Youthful faces, light skin, petite bodies, and dark hair are expected, but we also offer you variety. We have teens, MILFs, cougars, big tits, small tits, slim, chubby, and even BBW. When it comes to pussy, you can expect a lot of muff too. Hairy pussy is the norm after all, but we have a few shaved pussies as well. So if you want to see how extreme our Japanese babes are willing to go, check out PORN.COM’s Japanese fisting collection!

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