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When you think of Japan, the things that would come to mind would be cherry blossom trees, seafood, bullet trains, and low crime rates. You’d think that the Japanese people are very prim and proper, as you’ll see them bow to others as a greeting. They’re very respectful people, and they’ve done so much in terms of contributing to technological advancements in the recent years. Little did you know that Japanese people are actually very addicted to sex. Even if there are weird laws that are about sex and pornography in Japan, people there are still drawn to doing the deed. For instance, you are not allowed to hire a prostitute, or be a prostitute yourself, however you can be a “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” for hire, which would most likely involve cuddling, hugging, and kissing, but not sex. As for porn, you might already know this, but the adult industry is booming in Japan. They even have a term of Japan-made porn which is JAV, which is short for Japanese Adult Video. You’d be surprised at just how big the industry is in that country, as you could buy DVDs as easily as you could buy comics, or manga, as they are called in their native language.

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The funny thing about Japanese porn is that the actors and actresses who star in these lewd videos must have their genitals censored before their flick even gets published. The Japanese people are very strict when it comes to that law, although in recent years, more and more uncensored JAV content have been released to the public. So what can you expect from Japanese porn, anyway? Well, first and foremost, expect to hear lots of moaning from actresses during the scenes that they get sucked, fingered, or fucked. And not just regular moaning, because they love to do it very loudly. You might want to turn down your speakers when you watch Japanese porn especially when there are other people around. The types of sex acts are that you’ll encounter are pretty good, as Japanese people enjoy exploring their sexuality, even pushing the boundaries of being weird. Bukkake is one of the sex acts that the Japanese have made popular all over the world. Basically, a single woman sits down as a group of men masturbates in front of her. Most of the time, she’ll be buck naked, with her eyes and mouth closed. And yes, you guessed it! These men will then shower her face with their cum. It’s weird, it’s outrageous, and the idea definitely came from Japan.

Japanese girls are known to be cute and petite. So if you have a thing for cute, small girls, then Japanese porn is definitely for you! You might need to take note first that they prefer maintaining natural hair down their pubes, so if you’re not into hairy pussies, you might need to either adjust, or just look elsewhere. Well, if you like Asian porn, you won’t have any choice anyway. But other than that, Japanese porn is surely a new experience, especially for those who have only seen Western porn until now. You’d be surprised that they’re as horny, if not hornier than Western girls, so make sure to be prepared before you click on a Japanese porn video. And the best part is that you’ll find tons of Japanese porn all ready to be streamed anytime, anywhere, only on PORN.COM!

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