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Have you ever invited by a friend to come over to their house and join them to celebrate a special event or occasion? If yes, you probably meet the family members too. Unexpectedly you found out that his mom is a freaking hot Momma! Now, you are starstruck and sexually attracted to her. Your interest shifted now to fully grown boobs, developed curvy body and pretty mature looks. Your dick is slowly getting hard but you’re somewhat guilty it’s a taboo. Traditionally, that is a sexist assumption that most mothers are unobtainable, right? Maybe they are married, have partners and just separated or divorced but who cares? You are powerless to resist these MILF goddesses. MILF is an acronym that stands for “Mom I’d Like to Fuck” but you shouldn’t be confused with cougars, a term for an older woman who preys on younger men and is seen as aggressive. Well, don’t you worry about that because you’re not the only one who falls to that thing. In fact, there are lots of young boys out there who really had crushes on their Mom’s friends when they were teenagers. Some guys just like older women and women at their age might not be sexually mature. This fantasy could be looked at, in a way, as conquering the traditional anxiety and pursuing that you’re really going for the mother figure!

Mature Panties

Can’t you imagine fantasizing your friend’s mom and every act that she did is like a seducing thing towards you? Well, because you’re a friend of her son she trusted you and treated you nice to the extent that you’re so welcome in every part of their house. There are many moments that his mom left the door unlocked and you’ve seen her dressing up for her panty. You’ve witnessed how sexy she is and you’ve been shocked how that red lingerie fits on her mature pussy. What a “yummy mummy”. Your sexual desire with her burns up and wanted to steal that panty what matters it takes!

Just like you, panty enthusiasts, have no other object more desired than a pair of women’s panties. For some, their obsession can encourage the collection and/or sharing of panties. The fetish can develop as arousal by the odor of worn underwear. For others, the fetish can be satisfied with an accidental flash of underwear. Being obsessed with MILF panties is not uncommon in fact, one of the most common types of panty fetishes involves used panties. In this fetish, panties or other intimate clothing that have previously been worn are eroticized. With the advent of the Internet, a “used panty” industry has sprung up to cater to this fetish, consisting primarily of women or (on a much smaller scale) men selling their used undergarments through independent websites or panty seller groups. Sellers tend to charge for the number of days for which the panties or other garments are worn, and prices generally increase with time-worn. In Japan, this industry has a long-established brick-and-mortar presence, known as burusera shops. Outside Japan, such shops exist only on the internet and are generally run by individual women or men, as opposed to registered businesses.

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