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Are you pissed off? If so, maybe it’s time to let it all out and relieve yourself. Lucky for you, the men and women in our channel certainly do so because we’re all about pissing porn. We give you the best urination content out there, so don’t let one bad day affect your mood. Let us relieve you of your stress! Check out our extraordinary pissing porn today!

Pee Porn

Watersports or urolagnia refers to urine play or acts that involve urinating in or on another person. People who enjoy this particular kink love getting pissed on or doing the pissing all over faces, breasts, and even genitals. It is also known by the name golden shower because you’re literally getting sprayed by yellow pee. Any regular person might think why would anyone want to get pissed on, but our studs and babes know the thrilling effect this sexual act has. And if you’re here, then you must know it too. If not, then let us share some of the advantages of the wonderful world of pissing play. First off, one of the main reasons people love this kink is the symbolic possession it has between couples. Think about it. Pissing on a specific place or thing means you’re marking your territory. Thus, it only makes sense that if you’re doing it to your partner, then it means she’s your bitch. That she belongs to you and only you. It drives the primal aspect in all of us, so it’s no wonder that men and women enjoy pissing on their partners. It’s definitely a plus to see them wholeheartedly accept your mark.

Possessiveness isn’t the only reason why it’s so appealing. Urination is also used as a form of punishment. Hence, you’ll also find plenty of BDSM in our watersports collection. You’ll find bondage, rope play, wax play, gagging, leashes, blindfolds, handcuffs, latex, spanking, whips, and other intense niches. You might even get a combination that will thrill you and make your dick harder than ever before. Don’t like dicks in your videos? No problem. We have plenty of girl-on-girl lesbian action too. In these videos, it’s all about women literally pissing on other women. She’s asserting her dominance on her fellow babe as top bitch. There’s also lots of nipple play, boob licking, pussy eating, fingering, face sitting, and pussy penetrating fun with different sex toys, so don’t worry if you see dildos, massagers, and vibrators on your screens. Sometimes, they even opt out the toys and just use their fist. Yes, we have fisting action too just before she squirts her love juices and pisses all over the floor.

We also have plenty of group sex in our directory. We have FFM, MMF, and FFF threesomes, foursomes, swingers, gangbangs, and orgies. With so many people involved, they’ll be swimming in pee in no time. Blowjobs, handjobs, deepthroats, titjobs, pussy penetration, and anal sex are also in our list. You have to have a variety activities before the real dirty fun starts.

And by dirty, we mean it. Urolagnia is a messy kink, so you’ll find that the locations it can be performed would be limited. There are outside places like parks, woods, streets, backyards, pools, etc. wherein clean up wouldn’t be a problem, but there are also places inside like bathrooms, showers, kitchens, and even sex dungeons. These places are equipped and ready to take on the splash zone. So if you want legitimate waterworks, then PORN.COM’s pissing porn will make you wet!

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