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Do you like it when the girl’s on the top of you? Watching her lose control and her smug face from a comfortable view, seeing her pleasured face as she rides your cock? Or are you merely the submissive kind of man who likes to do the less stuff during sex? Anyhow, girls-on-top are your repertoire when it comes to pornography. This position of the cowgirl position is a rather popular sexual position that may give the control on women. However, if you like seeing the shape of her ass as she rides you, then reverse cowgirl is the porn for you! The woman is in control of the rhythm and phase but you may guide her waist and hand by the side. This allows her not just to pleasure the man but also search for her own g-spot. The man can comfortable lie on his back, spread or arch his legs for better insertion.

Girl On Top

So, what may be the reason to try this porn over your usual cowgirl position? This position is also called the amazon position, the woman is able to keep to torso upright or lean forward as if truly riding something, for faster and more aggressive simulation. She may also lean backwards on the man’s chest for a more sloppy penetration. The desire to look sideways and see the look on each other’s faces is what keeps the fire burning. His cock, in this position, will be more accessible to her and will give her the autonomy to guide it inside his pussy. While you can start off with your normal cowgirl position, in this kind of porn category and sexual position, the man is able to grope the woman’s breast from behind as she leans slightly backward or even fondle her bare ass while fingering her from the front. It’s a good way to reach orgasms for you are sure the both of you can—plus not facing each other contributes to less inhibitions and insecurities during sex. Sure, eye contact is great for intimacy but not everyone is comfortable with that!

And if you are into BDSM or bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related foreplays; reverse cowgirl position allows the woman to tease his man, who is mostly likely tied down, by aggressively riding him into his edge and briefly stops for the sake of withholding orgasm and teasing. This position is perfect for prolonging sex while not losing the mood.

Reverse cowgirl position is becoming popular among dominant women who like to be in control of penetration as they are able to massage the cock within their walls while also able to achieve their own orgasms. Let’s face, no man will give a woman the longest pleasure than the woman herself can—she just knows the right places. While the man can help by thrusting and swaying their hips, reverse cowgirl position is really all about the woman being in the driver seat, in full use of her own body in whichever ways and pace she pleases. She can bounce and be sloppy, or be completely aggressive and even touch herself or whip out a vibrator in the process because is conveniently able to in this position. So clearly, what is hotter than having to sit back, relax, and enjoy witnessing a woman lead the way during sex?

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